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  • 他觉得人们看不起他不懂人情世故。
    He felt people were contemptuous of his lack of sophistication.

  • 他到了懂得人情世故的年龄了。
    He's old enough to know the world.

  • 我想你当律师总阅过不少人情世故吧!
    I suppose you saw a lot of human nature as a solicitor .

  • 我们在人情世故方面是怎样处理的呢?
    In what ways are we dealing with?

  • 再一次感受到内陆人的不懂人情世故。
    i never have met such a strang people!

  • 那个只会玩电脑的呆子对人情世故一窍不通。
    That computer nerd is a total social misfit.

  • 他还很年轻,又缺乏经验,不懂得人情世故。
    He's very young and inexperienced, and doesn't know about the ways of the world.

  • 恰巧碰到一头牛,牛笑道:“你不通人情世故??!
    Come up against an ox by chance, niu Xiao: "You are illogical the way of the world ah!"

  • 明白天道世道,通晓人情世故,便能“与时偕行”。
    Having understood Heaven's way and man's way, you can "Get along with time".

  • 他因精通人情世故及善于讲有趣的轶事而被人仰慕。
    He was admired for his savoir-vivre and entertaining anecdotes.

  • 他认为,这些行为都必须要有懂得人情世故的自觉才行。
    And these kinds of behaviors, he argues, require a sophisticated awareness of oneself.

  • 杰克、伦敦、加利福尼亚的精力更加充沛,但不通达人情世故。
    Jack London Californian, has even more energy and rather less sophistication.

  • 杰克、伦敦、加利福尼亚的精力更加充沛,但不通达人情世故。
    Jack London 's is the better novel in being rather less lurid and rather more consistently grim.

  • 我客户对人情世故所表现出来的精神状态和我们大多数人一样。
    The mindset my client came to me with is similar to the way many of us see the world.

  • 陈老也给予人情世故方面的教诲,告诉孩子友情与感恩的重要性。
    Chen Senior also instructed his son on the way of the world, the importance of maintaining friendship and to reciprocate gifts and kindness.

  • 这个社会很现实很贱酷,它是离不开一些人情世故的,我祝你好运。
    Are very complex society, the reality is very cruel, and the world is not to leave the banquet, I wish you good luck!

  • “调解邻里纠纷,很多涉及人情世故,是法律解决不了的,”王贺说。
    "Mediate neighborhood disputes, many of which stood, the law can not be resolved, " said Wang He.

  • 我不明白人与人之间的人情世故,只觉得爷爷很讲义气,不会与别人计较过多。
    I do not understand people's between the ways of the world, I just feel Grandpa great sense of obligation will not care about others too much.

  • 他还很年轻又缺乏经验不懂得人情世故。按性质(或职业等)划分的类别;界;
    He's very young and inexperienced and doesn't know about the ways of the world .

  • 不一会儿,她把话题岔开了,不过全凭她施展出深通人情世故的女人的全部本事。
    Presently, thought with all the skill of a woman of the world, she shuffled away the subject.

  • 我们每个人在一生中经历着一些挫折,他们我们带来了关于人情世故的宝贵的教训。
    Each of us experience setbacks in life, all of which provide us with valuable lessons about the human condition.

  • 在生活中,第三者由于不是直接介入,所以也更能洞察任何人情世故中所发生的事情。
    In life, a third party who is not directly involved is in a better position to tell what's going on in any human situation.

  • 你天生就非常了解人情世故与社交文化。你渴望那种能让你参与进成功和高成就生活方式的成功。
    You have an innate sense of social sophistication and culture, and you have a taste for success that attracts you to participate in a life style of success and high achievement.

  • 而父亲老陈的看法显然属于“成熟男人”的思想,洞悉社会的人情世故,所以一针见血找到了小陈的弱点。
    And the father's views apparently are outmoded "mature man" mentality, understanding social occasions, the right to find the weaknesses found.

  • 也因为如此,所以,我的文字大多来源于普通平民的人情世故、生活点滴,虽然取材于生活,但又高于生活。
    Also because of this, so I mostly derived from the text of the ordinary people, life renqingshigu, although drawn from life, but higher than life.

  • 本书课文由短文和对话两部分组成,内容反映中国的文化习俗、当代社会风情和中国人的性格心态、人情世故等。
    Each text consists of short articles and conversations, the contents of which reflect China誷 cultural customs, contemporary social situation, character and worldly wisdom of the Chinese people.

  • 约翰。梅尔:“珍妮弗。安妮斯顿是我见过的最聪明,最懂人情世故的人。在我的生命里她是我见过的最可爱的人!”
    John Mayer said:"Jennifer Aniston is the smartest, most sophisticated person I think I've ever met. She's one of the most lovely people I've ever met in my life! ""

  • 等到上了中、高年级时,我们就可以与司马迁、高尔基等著名作家交谈,这样,我们就可以掌握更多的历史知识,阅历人情世故,懂得社会的冷暖。
    after entering middle and high school , we can talk with some famous writers as Si Maqian and Gorky , get more knowledge about the history , know about the way of the world.

  • 只是我得告诉您件事…字典的解释并不能总是合于文意的;尤其在这与古文脱节的时代要读懂古文必须针对字典的解释并融会人情世故才能做出更完整的解释。
    LOL…know the origin of the word before you try applying it into context…you can't even get the origin of the word right in the first place, how do you expect ppl to believe your reasoning is right?

  • 越来越多的军队工作向女性开放,很多女性加入了其中。军队提供给服兵役很好的学习贸易、专业技能以及在某种程度上,通晓人情世故,增加生活经验的机会。
    More jobs opened in the military for women, and many joined. Military service offered a chance to learn a trade or profession and, in some cases, to see the world.

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